Innovative brewing

There have been a number of local breweries that have really opened the minds of brewers around the country. By using the local environment to their advantage, they’ve managed to produce great beer, without having such a big impact on the environment.

Our homebrew Prickly Moses Handcrafted Beer at Otway Estate uses pure rainwater to brew their beer. The rainwater is treated and used in all aspects of the brewing process, from mashing in, to cleaning up. This inexhaustible source of water, fresh from the rainforest, allows them to utilise what nature has provided, rather than digging and taking water from a well or larger water source. Not only does this save energy, but it also promotes better brewing practices.

Indeed, many other breweries have now followed suit, and have looked around to see what the environment can offer them, as well as what they can do for the environment. One such brewery that has taken this concept to the extreme is Mountain Goat Beer.

Based in Richmond, they were among the first to produce environmentally friendly, certified organic beers. They too now use rainwater, as well as other organic ingredients, to create, clean, green beers. They run a number of initiatives and encourage staff to cycle to work, use reclaimed materials where possible in the brewery and practice wastewater management.

Nowadays, more and more breweries around the country are also promoting these values and following the same procedures. What used to be standard brewing practice is slowly being replaced by new, innovative ideas. It’s fantastic that Victorian craft brewers have always been, and indeed continue to be, at the forefront of such movements.

So, keep an eye on what your local brewery is up to. You never know when the next groundbreaking beer will take its place on the world stage, or which new techniques will pave the way to better beer!

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